Secure Your Financial Future

Secure Your Financial Future by creating money making websites that generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month.

Bulletproof Your Financial Future

I am absolutely AMAZED that more people are not taking advantage of securing their financial future by making passive income from the internet. There are hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be made every month from the internet.

If you are reading this information, you also could be making lots of money from the internet.

You can secure your financial future. It is not that difficult.

CONSIDER the following eight steps for creating money making websites and bulletproof your financial future by making money online.

If I can do it, A-N-Y-O-N-E can do it.

1. Select Website Builder

To make money from websites, you need to create a money making website. This requires a web builder.

There are three ways you can create a money making website without costing you the earth.

If you are new to creating money making websites, then I would encourage you to trial Site Build It.

Site Build It walks you through the whole process of creating money making websites. In fact, Site Build It is all inclusive. You get an online web builder, web hosting, keyword research tools and all the information you need to begin securing your financial future.

As I said before, if you are a newbie to creating money making website, then Site Build It is your first step to securing your financial future. Give Site Build It a trial run today.

XsitePro 2 is very similar to Site Build It in that it helps you create making making websites without knowing a lot of html.

XsitePro 2 provides a hundred or so templates from which you can choose the design of your money making website. All you need to do is add content and drive traffic to your website.

XsitePro 2 is easy to use. Also, it is a very powerful web builder.

Dreamweaver CS4 is the industry standard web builder. However, you will need to know some html to use Dreamweaver CS4.

I will let you into a secret. I began my internet business with Site Build It because it showed me the whole process for creating money making websites. However, over time I have transitioned from Site Build It to Dreamweaver CS4 because it give me greater flexibility in creating money making websites.

If you are a newbie, I suggest you cut your teeth on Site Build It or XsitePro 2. I have used both to great effect. However, if you are familar with html, then Dreamweaver CS4 is a great investment for securing your financial future by creating money making websites.

2. Select Website Hosting

If you choose Site Build It, then you will not need to worry about web hosting. Site Build It provides web hosting in the package.

However, if you choose XsitePro 2 or Dreamweaver CS4, then you will need to decide which web hosting site best suits your needs.

The great thing about web hosting these days is that it is very inexpensive. By the way, every web hosting site has its good and bad points. What you need to do is choose the web hosting that best suits your needs.

Choose from the three below and start securing your financial future by creating money making websites.

  • Bluehost - unlimited domains on one account for $6.95 per month is great value.
  • HostMonster - unlimited domains on one account for $6.95 per month is again great value.
  • Web Hosting Pad - unlimited domains on one account for $3.95 per month is the cheapest of the three.

3. Select Website Name

When creating money making websites, you will need to choose well the name of your websites. Choosing the right name for your websites will help you drive traffic to your websites and of course that means money.

You have decided to create a website that explains how to secure your financial future. I would suggest that your call your website How To Secure Your Financial Future. Your url (Domain name) would be:

Why should you hyphenate your url? The reason I hyphenate urls is because the search engines can read the url as individual words; whereas, if you do not hyphenate, the search engines see the url as one long word. This is not advantageous to search engine optimisation.

For more information on selecting website names, check out Identify the Best Keywords or Creating a Great Website With Keyword Elite 2.

For more information, click on Learn How To Create Your Own Website.

4. Select Website Design

When it comes to website design, you need to keep in mind three important features. They are look and feel, navigation and information.

Look and feel is that inviting effect that a well designed website initiates. There is nothing worst than an ugly website.

Navigation is paramount to a good website. Make your website easy to navigate. Your visitors will love you for it.

Your website needs good information but done over do it.

If you go with Site Build It or XsitePro 2, these two software programs provide everything you need to design a great money making website.

However, if you go with Dreamweaver CS4, then you will need to design your own web page template.

Every time I create a new money making website, I spend time creating a new template. Once you have created the template, you simply use it for the whole website.

For more information on website design, click on Free Website Design For Beginners.

5. Select Website Content

Website content is absolutely crucial for an information website. In fact, it is crucial for any website.

A website with great content must be structured around specific keywords in order to generate free traffic from the search engines. You don't need to spend thousands to buy traffic.

If I can make one suggestion at this time, it would be this: go and purchase Keyword Elite 2.0. This keyword research software will make you thousands of dollars and save you literally thousands of hours in research.

Let me also say this: I am a self-made internet entrepreneur. Just about everything I have done on the internet has been learned from scatch. I have utilised the free stuff to my advantage. However, I could not go pass purchasing Keyword Elite 2.0.

In fact, the main software tools that I have purchased are: Site Build It, Dreamweaver CS4, Keyword Elite 2.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.

Again, if I were a newbie, I would simply purchase Site Build It because it has all the tools to teach you how to secure your financial future by making money online.

6. Select Website Optimisation (SE0)

Search Engine Optimisation will influence your website PR (Page Rank) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Don't confuse PR with SERP. Page Rank is a number given to your website page (It is number between 0 and 10); whereas, Search Engine Results Page is where your page rates after the search engine has searched for a keyword.

Onpage Search Engine Optimisation is all about your website page. The way you design your website page and how you structure the content of your website page influences the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Offpage Search Engine Optimisation is all about links to your website page. When you create your website, you need to begin link farming or a link wheel.

It is a general rule that Onpage Search Engine Optimisation contributes about 20% to PR (Page Rank) and Offpage Search Engine Optimisation contributes around 80% to PR (Page Rank).

7. Select Website Backlinks

Getting Backlinks to your website is a weekly routine. You must put aside time to gather backlinks to your website.

There are several ways to do this. However, if you are a newbie, the best way is to do this is to put comments on blogs or create free blogs with backlinks to your website.

I did this in the beginning but got frustrated with webmasters deleting my comments because of the backlink to my websites. Therefore, I created my own articles directories in order to build backlinks to my websites. Check out one of my articles directories by clicking on Free Online Acticles Directory.

If you are in this for the long haul, I would suggest that you consider creating your own articles directories.

8. Select Website Monetization

There are many ways to monetize your website. However, I would be looking at only two methods of monetization at this point.

Both of these monetization methods are FREE. The greatest challenge to creating websites is driving free traffic to your websites and consequently making money from these monetization methods.

Once you have been doing this for awhile, you will enjoy the challenge of driving free traffic to your website.

By the way, don't give up. The longer you are in the game, the easier it will be. To make lots of money from websites can take two to five years. However, when it is up and running, the money just flows in each day.

The two methods of monetization are:

Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs are very competitive markets. The CHALLENGE for you is to drive traffic to your websites so that your visitors will click on something on your website. If it be Google Adsense or an Affiliate Program.

Come on! Have go and secure your financial future by creating money making websites. ANYONE can do it.

Bulletproof Your Financial Future Secure Your Financial Future Bulletproof Your Financial Future Secure Your Financial Future


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