Learn How To Build Your Own Website

Learn How To Build Your Own Website provides the necessary steps in building your own website in order to make money online.

Learn How To Build Your Own Website

One of the greatest frustrations with building your own website is information overload. There are literally thousands of ways to build your own website. For example: you can build your own own website online, you can build your own website offline, you can use Kompozer, you can use dreamweaver, you can use frontpage, you can use coffee cup, you can use site build it, you can use xsitepro, you build your your website with wordpress, you can build your website with blogger or you can build your website with squidoo. The list just goes on and on.

Although there are several ways to build your own website, nevertheless, there are seven fundamental steps you must keep in mind reqardless of the way you build your own website.

1. Website Builders

If you are serious about building websites in order to make money online, you need to choose a software program and stick to it. I use dreamweaver and I know it like the back of my hand.

If you want to use an online website builder, SiteBuild It is the best way to go.

If you want to use an offline website builder, XsitePro is a great software program.

There are several freebies available but as the old adage says: "You only get what you pay for!"

Whichever website builder you acquire, use it and get to know it really well.

2. Website Name

Whatever you do, get the name of your website RIGHT first up. It is advantageous to put your keyword or phrase in your website name. For example: your website is about losing weight in a fast food world. Your website name may be www.how-to-lose-weight-in-a-fast-food-world.com or www.losing-weight-in-a-fast-food-world.com.

3. Website Hosting

Websites require website hosting. Every website hosting has its good and bad points. Here are three that are reasonably good - bluehost, Host Monster, or Web Hosting Pad.

4. Website Design

The best advice I can give you about website design is this - design a website that has good look and feel, easy to navigate and great content. Don't clutter your website with too much information.

5. Website Content

Website content is all about great information on your website. You will need to supply information that is helpful, easy to read and easy to follow. There is nothing worst than rubbish content.

6. Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is determined by content (on page) and links (off page). If SEO is the means by which you are getting traffic to your website, then you need to learn a litte about SEO. Onpage SEO involves getting the little things right on your web page.

7. Website Links

Off page SEO involves getting backlinks to your website. There are several different ways to get backlinks to your website. Free expert search engine optimization tips will help you in this process.

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Learn How To Build Your Own Website


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