10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic

Never pay for traffic again. 10 Strategies to increase website traffic are methods for securing highly targeted traffic in a short period of time.

10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic

If you don't have traffic, you are dead in the water and you will not make a single dime in profit. Yes, you can have great content, a million dollar sales page and a revolutary product; however, if no one sees it, what difference does it make. You will not make a dime.

Generating traffic to your website is absolutely paramount for success online.

Traffic Lockdown presents 10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic and drive more people to your website.

1. On Site Search Engine Optimization

On Site SEO is ensuring your website is primed and ready for the search engines to spider (crawl) your website. To optimize your website for the search engines, you must understand what the search engines are looking for or how they work.

Search engines look for keywords or phrases. Usually, these keywords or phrases are found in title tags, keyword meta tags, description meta tags, alt image tags, h1, h2 and h3 tags and bold tags.

2. Off Site Search Engine Optimization

Off Site SEO is all about getting backlinks to your website. Backlinks are links on other websites that link to your website. These text links using relevant keywords are called anchor text.

3. Getting Indexed

For people to see your website on the World Wide Web, your website must be indexed.

There are several ways to get your website indexed in a very short time. You can leave comments on blogs with a high Page Rank. You can create a lens on Squidoo and link to your website. You can participate in an active forum. You can post answers in the Yahoo answer community.

4. Article Marketing

With article marketing, you simply write articles an place your keywords or phrases in them and then you upload them to article sites like: EzineArticles.com, ArticleBase.com, ArticleFriendly.com and so on.

5. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great way to get your website out there on the World Wide Web. Spend time participating in active forum and you will see traffic coming your way.

6. Press Releases

Press Releases are another way to get your website out into the market place.

7. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is people sharing your website or product with others. It's a bit like gossip. People want to spread it around and tell everyone they know. Viral marketing can be very effective if done correctly.

8. Social Marketing

Social marketing is a big industry today on the internet. Many people are using Facebook, twitter, Stumble Upon and so on.

9. Video Marketing

YouTube is big business today. People spend hours on YouTube. The younger generation would rather see it than read it. Putting your website on YouTube is not difficult. There are free movie makers that will help you get onto YouTube.

10. PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing is an Adwords advertising campaign. Done correctly, adwords is very profitable; however, done incorrectly, it can be a very expensive learning curve.

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